One-Piece PanaShade
so easy you'll use them every day... 



Our newest product was designed to enhance the views through your one-piece and two-piece class A windshields. We discovered that customers with two piece windshields especially appreciate the clear view through our new one-piece PanaShades! We now use a one piece 108" x 46" Black PanaShade in our 2005 Monaco Diplomat which has a two piece windshield. Our One-Piece PanaShade eliminated the clutter created by the double thick overlap in the center which was necessary to prevent light leakage in our previous two-piece shades. We also positioned the suction cups on our one-piece PanaShade to eliminate the long reach behind our large center TV Cabinet that was necessary with our previous two-piece RVQuickShades. Now daily installation of our RV Solar Shade is so much easier!

Two PanaShade kits are available for Class A's:

108" wide x 46" long or 120" wide x 58" long (tall)

The kits are available in beige or black.   As with all our kits they include easy to follow instructions and can be trimmed and customized to your exact requirements. 

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to read the instructions that will be included with your  "PanaShade"  kit. 

Our PanaShade kits also make it far easier for you to choose the right size RVQuickShade!

Instead of 4 2-piece RV Quick Shade sizes we now have just two RV Quick Shade PanaShade sizes to choose from. While it is always best to measure the inside height and width of you windshield we do have a Motorhome Size Chart which shows examples of sizes our customers have chosen.

When customers in the past have chosen the twp piece Standard, Long, or XLong...
you can now instead order the 108" x 46" PanaShade.

Only when you see and entry for a Monster or Extra-Wide 2 -piece RV Quick Shade listed on the Size Chart will you need the 120" x 58" PanaShade.

The 108" x 46" PanaShade will fit 90% of all Motorhomes! 

Our PanaShade kits also serves our customers looking for larger shades for those big 5th-Wheel windows, residential patio room windows, park model windows and many other applications. Just measure your window, order your PanaShade from the list below, then easily cut and install the suction cups and attach to your windows. It's fast and easy and very affordable! 



NEW!...The perfect size for the B and C windshield....!

We are now shipping another new size of PanaShade.  This shade has been designed with the Class B and C coaches in mind. 

The new kit will be 72" wide x 46" long.   12 suction cups will be included with this kit and easy to follow instructions. 


72"x 46" Pana-Shade Available in White, Beige, Black and Gray. $69.99









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