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What Do RVQuickShades Suction Cups stay stuck while others don't?




Suction Cup Durability - Don't lick me...!  Most of the suction cups age very rapidly (in months...maybe!) and start to fail. Wetting temporarily reseals a failing suction cup but leads to contaminating the glass which leads to more failure. It's a vicious circle which leads the user to lose confidence in the security of the suction cup attachment method. Our suction cups use an exclusive, UV-resistant PVC compound. It prevents deterioration, brittling and yellowing which leads to an average lifespan of 5 years.

Strength - It's only a suction cup...right?  Believe it or not there really is suction cup technology and our cups have it and the others don't! Our precision-engineered cross-section design resists strain and stress. It provides long-term holding power, even at maximum loadings.

Release-ability - got it stick but can you get it off...?  Integral release tabs permit rapid removal without damage to either the suction cup or the mounting surface.

Peace of Mind - Copy-cat suction cups look like ours but don't stick like ours because we did the research...the others didn't!  Our patented Light-Diffusing Safety Ring overcomes the unwanted lens action of standard clear suction cups. Light passes harmlessly through our suction cups, without being concentrated so there's no hot focal point to cause the suction cup to self-destroy or damage nearby plastics, fabric, paint, vinyl, etc.  


 Made in the USA -   I hate to wave the flag but nobody does it like we do in the good ol' USA!  The Suction Cups and the Textilene Shade Cloth are made in the USA and manufactured into high quality RVQuickShades in our green-friendly Utah production facility.

      Tim Ryerson-USAF Veteran


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You may want to add a few extras on your initial order.  You probably will not need them for a while, however it will be good to have them.  You just will have to remember where you put them.......thanks.


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  •  RV Quick Shade panels can be trimmed on the sides and bottom for a custom fit.  The fabric does not ravel.
  • No more holes to drill or ladders to climb. 
  • RV Quick Shades stay clean and dry.
  • RV sun shades that you will use!   
  • Made in the U.S.A!


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